Utility Management Services

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UMFA has 3 service levels within electrical, water and sewerage metering

Complete Metering Service

UMFA will take a combination of physical & AMR readings of all the meters in the centre/building and invoice the tenants accordingly. UMFA will accept full responsibility of all electricity accounting and administration services

  • Record monthly readings
  • Process relevant accounts
  • Distribute accounts to tenants
  • Collect tenant payments
  • Settle City Council accounts (to owner)
  • Handle all electricity queries from tenants

Partial Metering Service

UMFA will take a combination of physical & AMR readings of all the meters in the centre/building and generate a consumption report. The consumption report can be attached to the tenants rental invoice as a reference

Supportive Metering Service (Municipalities)

UMFA will do a complete investigation of the building’s electricity/water metering, concerning the accuracy of meters, wiring, tariffs, checking the power factor and verification of municipal accounts

Add On Services

Testing of Meters

UMFA will test meters free of charge and will replace meters depending on the service level agreement terms

Annual Audit

An annual audit will be carried out free of charge by UMFA during contract period where every aspect of all kwh meters will be tested and inspected, including the wiring in distribution boards and cables connected to meters. This audit may also be observed visually on a monthly basis when meters are read

Energy Management

Energy management is carried out on the building – whereby UMFA will guarantee 100% of kWh recovery between the total City Council kWh and the total kWh metered. (Taking into account transformer losses) UMFA will test the effectiveness by installing “power factor correction” for the saving it can generate for the total building as well as high demand tenants. All tenants will be billed to the correct tariff applicable to their specific demands. UMFA will advise tenants on methods to save energy which in turn will reflect on their monthly consumption should they follow our advice

Online Reporting

UMFA clients will gain online access to extensive management reporting resulting in accurate data at their fingertips. We have an in house development team that has the capacity to customize our reporting to suit our clients’ needs


Within the group UMFA has memberships and representation with the following professional groups and associations:

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