Smart Metering

Client Focussed Tailored Approach To Advanced Metering Infrastructure

UMFA deals with efficient, reliable and secure smart grid brands for utilities

Latest Intelligent Technology Benefits

  • Accurate and reliable consumption data
  • No estimated bills – accurate consumption information is always available which means billing or electricity use queries can be resolved in a shorter time frame
  • Remote meter reading – smart meters can be read remotely, as often as needed, eliminating the need for regular visits to your property. Smart meters also has the functionality to remotely disconnect and reconnect
  • Send and receive information to and from the meter
  • Alarms can be set and peak demand can be notified via SMS or MAIL
  • Tampering will be reported automatically
  • Profiles can be loaded, stored and downloaded
  • Clients has access to online information
  • TOU Metering available

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